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About the Prism Pot

Now fully patented The Prism Pot and Brush is the innovation of a professional hairdresser after a 30 year career in the industry. This data and time saving tool for the professional hairdresser was developed after many years of experience and research. 

The Prism Pot not only holds the stylist’s tint mix in an ergonomically designed pot, but it also ensures that they can easily record their client’s colour requirements and remember to update their notes while they are working.

Whilst developing the pot, several other unique design points were integrated: a firm lip to remove excess tint from an overloaded brush; a highly engineered, heavy rubber base which clings to the trolley and stops the irritation of it sliding around; the ability to nestle the specially shaped pots on the trolley and create a great deal more space than average tinting bowls. Finally these space-saving pots stack beautifully and also drip dry easily because of the interior shape of the pot.

During research, feedback from Stylists confirmed that the Prism Pot acted as a memory jogger and sequence reminder when using multiple colours. Clients felt were left confident that their records were being managed effectively as they witnessed the process. 

About Prism Brush  

The Prism Brush is an ergonomically designed tint brush that allows the user to feather and blend colour accurately. With its revolutionary dual bristles of two lengths which finish in a gentle and delicate feathered formation stylists can: secure more tint on regrowth applications; penetrate thick or coarse hair with ease and spread colour effortlessly with the thick set bristle. It is ideal for woven colouring techniques.

The Prism Brush can be adapted for various techniques without the need to change brushes during application. The tapered end of the handle means that hair can be sectioned easily when required. 

We hope you enjoy using Prism Brand. We look forward to developing the brand which aim is to cater for all professional hairdressers colouring needs now and in the future. 

The Prism Pot and Brush have many benefits for various roles in the hairdressing industry professional colourists,stylists,salon owners,managers,directors,franchises,show stylists,academy trainers,apprentices&freelancers

Colourists & Stylists

On hectic days in a busy salon, the Prism Pot is time-saving and efficient, acting as a memory jogger and sequence reminder when needed. Do you ever mix up a few colours, pop them on your trolley and then wonder which one is which? With the Prism Pot you can write your client’s colour recipe easily and quickly in the readable, writeable, wipeable area. This facility can help a busy professional so much. Market research clearly showed that many professionals using the Prism Pot in their salon found that they always remembered the sequence of colours, never forgot which colour was in each bowl and were able to get more equipment on their trolleys. They were not chasing the bowl around to get out the last amount of tint because the pot stood still for them. They enjoyed using the excess tint lip for clean and immaculate applications. Their assistants were able to update the colour notes from the pots automatically and when they were extra busy a picture was taken on the salon tablet for reference later. If we take away the need for stylists to personally update and record notes we enable more time on the salon floor increasing profit and income for all. All salons have different ways of recording: the Prism Pot offers you, as a stylist, the need to only write your recipe once on the pot and then have support staff ensure that records are updated elsewhere; this could be done by an assistant, receptionist or even the stylist when they have a spare slot. Remember your clients witness this process and all our research shows that this gives them confidence in you, so creating loyal clients. Differentiating you from the average salon. 

Salon Owners, Managers and Directors 

Wouldn’t it be great to know that the Prism Pot offers you a simple process to record data efficiently and effectively at every client’s visit? Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that even when a stylist moves on, their client’s notes have been saved and secured accurately during the colouring service via a method which can be trained through at all levels. In trials, one of the main comments from the client observing the Prism Pot system was that they had always wondered how their notes had been recorded as they do not see the process. Do you want to increase your client’s confidence in your salon? Allow clients to see the Prism Pot in use! If you’re a salon owner and storage space is scarce, would a stackable tint bowl be helpful? Does your salon suit a stylish ergonomically designed tint bowl that comes in 5 colours from a conservative grey to a pretty pink, which can be paired with matching tint brushes beautifully?

Show Stylists & Academy Trainers 

If you’re a show stylist wouldn’t it be great to see clearly which colours you are using, at a glance, whilst on stage? When presenting to an audience, there is much to do. Taking a photo of your model’s tint notes from the Prism Pot will be a great time saver in the midst of the training day. Professionals, if someone in your salon is responsible for adding clients’ colour recipes to the record cards, do they always get it right? Professional models witnessing their colours being recorded directly from the Prism Pot at each and every service will create serious model confidence. If you’re on stage and the audience is asking, ‘what colour did you use?’ wouldn’t it be great to take a picture of the recipes and add it to your power point, or invite the audience to come closer and give them the chance to take a picture of the recipes, recorded on the Prism Pot? 

Apprentices & Trainees 

If you used black tint bowls at college when training, did you use Tipp Ex to help you remember what colour was in each bowl? Or did you use bits of paper to record or make changes to your clients’ colour recipes and then leave them around the dispensary without storing them correctly? Did they get wet, stained and ruined? Do you find yourself chasing your bowl around the top of your trolley with your brush as you use up the last of the tint? Are you annoyed by light weight flimsy tinting pots that won’t stay where you put them? Have you ever had to throw away tints because you forgot which was which or you were unsure of the peroxide level, because of salon distractions? Would it be a good idea to have an excess tint lip on the bowl to remove tint from an over loaded brush? If you usually attach fiddly bits of paper with the colour code to your tint bowls to remember which is which, would a dry wipe area on the bowl help rid you of the time it takes to do this? Students - after a busy day, one of the worst feelings is knowing you still have to write up your colour notes. Would it be easier to take a picture on your phone and update your notes when you have a spare slot? If someone in your salon is responsible for adding clients’ colour recipes to the record cards , can you be sure they always get it right? Let the Prism Pot take charge!

Freelance & Home Hairdressers

When you’re busy, why not quickly record your client’s colour recipe with a picture on your phone rather than take down notes? Improve your client’s confidence in you when they see the attention you give to recording their notes. A quick look at pictures of all your clients’ colour recipes in a file on your phone means you can list your stock requirements for the week, making life easier than sorting through paper records.